Why us

Why us

About us

We are a growing firm of accountants, tax advisors and business consultants. The reason is simple, we value all our clients and know if you succeed, we succeed. Technology has changed everything and one can sell anywhere in world from the comfort of their dining table. This is why you need commerically minded accountants like Lancing Cotswold who take the time to understand your business. Our core principles are:

  • Exceptional client service - we treat every client like our only client
  • Keeping up to date - we constantly invest in technology and training to keep you ahead of the competition and ensure you pay the right amount of tax
  • Provide a clear pricing structure that is affordable and good value for money

Choosing an accountant

To be successful in business you need a good accountant. Just look to the biggest companies in the world, they hire the brightest and most capable accountants, tax advisors, lawyers and financiers. You should always hire the best accountant you can afford. Avoid "cheap accountants". If their unique selling point is price, they will cut corners and leave you to deal with all sorts of problems.

7 signs its time to find a new accountant

  • Your business has been stagnating and you haven't seen any growth over the years
  • You don't have a good working relationship with your accountant and don't feel valued
  • Your account has been "downgraded" and you speak to trainees/junior staff
  • You can't reach the partner because he/she is always "busy in client meetings"
  • You keep getting invoices in addition to the fixed fees previously agreed
  • Your accountant is good with the numbers but lacks commercial business sense
  • You speak to your accountant once a year to discuss the taxes

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