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What is property income for tax purposes

UK rental income, overseas rental income and income from leases (selling, extending, variation, granting at undervalue)

What are my tax obligations

Each year, you need to calculate your profits, complete a self-assessment tax return and pay tax (normally by 31 January)

Jointly owned property

Each owner has to pay tax on on their share of income. The same applies to a husband and wife.

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Tax reliefs

A taxpayer can reduce the tax payable by taking advantage of the tax reliefs available. It is important to navigate this carefully because there are a number of traps. For example, tax relief on interest is restricted and expenditure on extending a property is not immediately tax deductible.

Property losses

Property losses can be set off against property income. Excess losses can be carried forward against future property profits. Property losses cannot be set off against your general income.


Any expenses you incur in the property lettings business are tax deductible. Special rules apply to capital expenditure, bad & doubtful debts, entertainment, gifts, expenditure on "integral features" and interest.


Finance costs for residential properties are restricted to 20%. This means you could end up with a tax charge, even if you haven't made a profit.

Rent a room

If you let a furnished room to a lodger in your main residence, you are entitled to tax relief on the first £7,500. You cannot deduct expenses from this amount.

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What about capital gains tax on property?

When you sell a property, any profit you make will generally be taxable at 28%. Selling, transferring or gifting property are all "taxable" events, even if no money changes hands.

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Investment property(s)

Tax is paid on the difference between the selling price and the price you purchased the property. You have 60 days to report and pay the tax to HMRC.

Inherited property(s)

Tax is paid on the difference between the selling price and the price you inherited the property. The valuation of property at death can often be a subjective area.

Gifting property(s)

Most gifts are between families and the "market value" rule will apply on the discount. This means the discount can be subject to tax.

Capital gains tax reliefs

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Annual exemption

The first £10,600 of any gain is tax free. If property is owned jointly then both taxpayers get this relief against their share of the profits.

Capital expenditure

Any expenditure that didn't qualify for tax relief when you were renting the property, could apply now.

Main residence relief

Significant tax relief is available if you occupied the property as your home at any time through the ownership period.

Furnished holiday lettings

Special rules apply for commerical letting of a furnished holiday home. The tax rate could be as low as 10% and "roll-over" relief could be available.

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Closing thoughts

As you can see, landlord and property taxation is not simple. There are several of tax reliefs available and most importantly, you can claim more than one tax relief at any time. The timeline for completing is tax return when you sell is only 60 days which means one must rush to get things done. If you haven't done so already, get an instant quote now and start saving tax!